Plan of Action

The activities included in this Plan will contribute to the sustainable, economic and social development of the inhabitants of Ollantaytambo, as well as to promote the preservation and conservation of their cultural and natural heritage.

1. Product management and development

Formulation of public investment spaces in Ollantaytambo

Programme for the identification of investments and micro investments in topics related to tourism and cultural activities

Management of tourism resources and products

Consolidation of Artisan Handcrafts offering

Value of culture as a tourism product

Quality improvement

Human Resource Training Program

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* Updated every 4 months

2. Urban and Territorial conditioning

Re-directing of Public Investment Projects to Align with Plan Wallata

Territorial Ordering and Economic Security

Urban planning

Organisation of Economic Activities within the Monumental Heritage Site

Design and implementation of the signage system

Embellishment of facades and streets

Environmental management of the destination

Implementation and improvement of access roads to Ollantaytambo

Tourist Protection Network

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* Updated every 4 months

3. Institutionality

Strengthening of municipal management for tourism development

Fostering of Local Trade Associations

Articulation of public and private institutions

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* Updated every 4 months

4. Commercial Articulation and Tourism Promotion

Development of a tourist culture in the host population

Information and tourist advice

Development of strategy and specific target pattern for the destination

Development of multimedia tools

Use and management of brand

Media strategy application

Promotion of Ollantaytambo

Implementation of the Social Tourism Program

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* Updated every 4 months